Sunday, 8 September 2013

Shop Rent or Buy Information in Jamuna Future Park

If you want to buy or rent a space or shop in Jamuna Future Park, then you must contact Jamuna Future Park office and fill up a from, other way you contact a person who are have a space or shop in Jamuna Future Park.So, quick don't late.

Top Feature of Jamuna Future Park

The Jamuna Future Park main feature is 120 bigha land, 41 Lac sft. Area, 15 Lac sft. Shopping space, total 8 floor (2 floor in undar ground and 6 floor building), 3000 children care home, 5000 car parking convenience, 5000 people food court etc.

4th Floor Plan of Jamuna Future Park

In the 4th floor of Jamuna future Park there you can find phone and mobile (All Kinds of Land Phone, Mobile and related Accessories Sales and Service Center  Audio &Video CD, DVD Shop, Mobile Companies’ Outlet/ Customer Care Booth/ Sales Booth ), variety (For Group of Foreign Investors, departmental shops and other miscellaneous items), IT (All Kinds of Computer and related Accessories Sales & Service Center, Cyber Cafe, Software Developer & Service Provider), books, stationery and gift item (Books, Magazines, Stationery, Office Stationery, Gift Shops) etc.

Blockbuster of Jamuna Future Park

Jamuna Future Park has 7 movie theaters, its call blockbuster. Every day 4 times its run. Normal ticket price 500 Take and V.I.P ticket price 1000 Take. Now running movie is Mitekar golpo, fast and furious 6, Nir Sarto valobasha etc. The movie theaters are in 5th floor with the Jamuna Future Park of Jamuna World. It is largest movie theaters in Bangladesh. So, don’t miss it. Go as soon as and collect your ticket. Another way you miss your fun time.

Roller Coaster

The roller coaster is one of most favorite item for some people in the Jamuna Future Park of Jamuna Park. It's grand opening in 6-Sep-2013. For one ride ticket price 400 Taka. It is so risky for weak heart people but it is so fun able for new generation youth. So, go hurry and get your ticket.You find roller coaster in ground floor field.

Swimming poll of Jamuna Future Park

Jamuna Future Park has two rooftop  swimming polls. But at this moment it is not fully done. We hope its work will do as soon as. When it became fully complete than it state in top floor in Jamuna Future Park. So, be ready for a member of Swimming pool in the Jamuna Future Park.

Food Court

The Jamuna Future Park has a largest food court in the 5th floor in the Jamuna Future Park. Here have 3000 person capacity 5th floor of the Jamuna Future Park. Here have 300+ food shop. In 6th floor here have a food court but that not for Jamuna Future Park visitor  that for shopkeeper of Jamuna Future Park’s.